Bienvenue sur 
Aile volante MCZ en composites

Why a flying wing...!

It's simple, the performance born constraint...

Let's take the facts chronologically: after a flight of slope, we are still amazed by machines all successful ultra fiber of our colleagues Alsatians and German neighbours.

They needed us one of these machines...! But not trade, one in which we would have left some of our DNA, beautiful, powerful, versatile and in all fiber.


And there, going down with our venerable aging gliders on the shoulder, we imagined our future model, which the mould would be machined...

Machined, Yes, but in the alu, both what to do, so much to stand out and innovate a little!

So it's left to draw, order the parts and get the CNC... 1 1/2 years will be necessary. Follow the first machining, sanding of the alu learning and the first tests of stratification; Add more 1 year of research and development to get out a wing ready to fly.

Today, she flies, or rather they fly! Very well! We can say that this little gem is truly addictive qualities are waiting; tense flight and trajectories screwed like a missile on its goal, able to flit with figures largely negative and she gets very honorably by small time. Tested approved and validated in DS. Its main asset is also its flaw; She has an amazing finesse, and ask to well measure its trajectory by programming the crocs...

A real success, a lot of fun, and proud to have come a long way.
And it is not over as we continue to improve the MCZ...!

I wish to thank all stakeholders that we could meet on the forum of the model, all those who have supported us by their encouragement, their opinions and ideas which we have resulted on this great project.

A special mention for Franck AGUERRE; who is the designer of aero of this wing and development... Hat low Franck!

Fabrice and Jerome