MCZ 120 MK 2

Caractéristiques de l'aile.


Envergure120 cm
Weight700 grs
Centering92.5 mm of the BA
Surface19.9 decimetre
Wing loading​35 grs/dm²

The MCZ 120 MK2 is a flying wing in two parts, for a total span of 120cm.
His rope is 220mm at the root.
The beast in flight weight: 700 grams.
Number of channels: 4.
Centering is located at 92.5 mm from the leading edge (to root). It must be carried out with the greatest care using the tool supplied with the wing aluminium.
She succeeds the MCZ 120.
The geometry and the used profiles are identical to the first version.
The big change is the drift and its attachment to the wing.
Drift logs by 2 square tubes 4mm, as in the MCZ 200 carbon.

Description détaillée

a drift

Drift fiberglass 50 g, airex 1, 2mm, fiberglass 50gr.
Obtained weight: 5 gr
A carbon tube made the wing-derived binding.

Wings (photo from the old version)

The skins are contituees of:
-50 gr glass fiber fabric
-airex 1.2 mm
-50 gr glass fiber fabric

The décor is customizable, while the number of servos (2 or 4) wells.

The control surfaces are cut and articulated.

MCZ carbon version (photo from the old version)

A carbon 110grs fabric takes place under the fiberglass 55grs.
The rigidity is to go!

Supplied accessories



​- une feuille de plomb pour centrer l'aile
- chapes à boule
- guignols fibre
- tiges filetées
- câbles de servo
- centreur usiné en alu

Accessoires non fournis

-quality 4 servos
-oracal (or equivalent) to close the servo wells.
-battery, Rx...

Colors available

RAL 5002 ultramarine blue
RAL 3000 flame red
RAL 1021 yellow grater
RAL 9003 signal white
RAL 9004 black signal
RAL 2004 pure orange

MCZ 120 MK2 and big sister of 2 m

Rendu en rouge et blanc (MCZ 120 MK1)

Carbon wing (MCZ 120 MK1)